Behavioural Finance & Quantitative strategies

An Asset Management Company regulated by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) since 2013

Our know-how

Our studies and R&D work deal with long dated stock market inefficiencies i.e behavioural anomalies.


Our vision

A proprietary R&D and a scientific approach of investing

Our objective

Generate greater returns than ETF and passive asset management solutions whatever the market trends

Our core values

Generate high-performance investment products based on logical and stable principles


Investment decisions are taken following a quantitative and systematic approach

Quantology Capital Management is an independant asset management company.


Our research and asset management processes are based on robust and simple principles. We claim the fact of not having convictions or certainties about market trends.
We focus on a scientific approach of investing based on collective intelligence.


Like many natural phenomena, the value of a financial asset depends on structural biases relying on repeated behaviour pattern


We do not believe on the sustainability of the performance delivered by traditional & discretionary investors. Our asset management principles relies exclusively on quantitative & systematic proprietary models


Our strong R&D focus enables us to generate alpha


Powerful algorithms are used to test new strategies and develop new financial investment solutions


Our risk management relies on a strict discipline. Our funds are permanently monitored by a dedicated independent risk manager


We are commited to create performing financial products based on simple and robust principles

Our team