Think out the box !

An Asset Management Company regulated by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) since 2013

Our history

Think out the box !

The two founders, Vincent Fourcaut and Julien Messias, think that it is time to innovative in asset management. Behavioural analysis is a field studied in psychology, sociology, biology, so why not in finance?

We aim at analyzing the investors' behaviour and exploiting it through the implementation of proprietary quantitative tools. Our goal: make investment decisions more efficient and objective.

Thanks to its scientific and R&D efforts, Quantology CM has been awarded for its research and keeps releasing academic articles.






The team is made up of four portfolio managers with dual business experience in asset management, and, mathematical and statistical expertise to ensure the quality of Research and Development (R&D) over the long term.

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The team is made up of three family officers with complementary expertise in financial investments, real estate investments, taxation and wealth transmission.

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Our team